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Experience the Power and Precision of Servoday Wood Chippers.

Designed for the demands of the Indian market, our fully automated wood chippers deliver unparalleled power, precision, and reliability to help you chip wood with ease. Built with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge automation technology, Servoday Wood Chippers are the perfect solution for your dynamic needs.


Innovative Features for Exceptional Wood Chipping Performance

Servoday Wood Chippers are designed with advanced automation technology and built to last, providing the best return on investment with exceptional performance and reliability. Our innovative features such as self-operating design, motor safety, high capacity and easy maintenance deliver maximum productivity ensuring that you can tackle any type of wood with confidence.

Unbeatable Performance

Servoday Wood Chippers are equipped with sharp blades that deliver exceptional performance and speed, making them the perfect choice for even the toughest wood chipping jobs.

Durable Design

Engineered with a rugged and robust design, Servoday Wood Chippers are built to withstand heavy-duty use and provide reliable performance day in and day out, ensuring that you can maximize your productivity and minimize downtime.

Easy to Maintain

Servoday Wood Chippers are designed for easy maintenance, with features such as easy access to the blades and other components, making it easy to keep your machine running smoothly.

Handle More with Ease

Servoday Wood Chippers are designed with high capacity in mind, allowing you to chip more wood in less time. With powerful motors and large hoppers, Servoday Wood Chippers can handle even the largest wood chipping jobs with ease.

Safety First

We take safety seriously, which is why our wood chippers are designed with safety features such as easy-to-use controls, safety guards, automatic shut-off and overload protection, ensuring that you can operate your machine with confidence.

Fully Automated and Self-Operating

Servoday Wood Chippers are designed to be fully self-operating, with features such as automatic feeding and real-time monitoring, our wood chippers require zero user input, allowing you to focus on other tasks while the machine takes care of the wood chipping process.

How it works

Effortless Wood Chipping Process


Activate the Machine

Begin by activating the machine using the Touch-enabled HMI Screen. Servoday Wood Chippers are designed for easy operation, with intuitive controls or self-operating features that require no user input.


Load the Wood

Once the machine is activated, begin by loading your wood chipper with the branches or other wood material you wish to chip. Servoday Wood Chippers are designed with large hoppers and easy access, allowing you to load the machine quickly and efficiently.


Watch the Magic Happen

Servoday Wood Chippers feature automatic feeding and motor overload protection, ensuring a steady supply of material and preventing motor damage. You can also adjust the desired length of the wood chips in real time.


Best Wood Chips, Ka-ching!

Once the wood has been shredded, the wood chips can be stored in a moving floor via a conveyor or filled up in bags using a bagging silo where the chips are transferred via a conveyor.


Optimize Your Energy Production with High-Quality Wood Chips

With features such as high-capacity designs, adjustable chip sizes, and advanced automation technology, our wood chippers provide a reliable and efficient solution for producing high-quality wood chips for use in sustainable energy production, including boiler fuel, wood pellet production, and cogeneration systems. Optimize your energy production with our innovative wood chippers and achieve long-term success.

Fuel Your Boiler with High-Quality Wood Chips

Servoday Wood Chippers provide a reliable and efficient way to produce wood chips for boiler fuel. With adjustable chip sizes and high-capacity designs, Servoday Wood Chippers help you produce quality wood chips to fuel your boiler system.

Produce High-Quality Wood Pellets with Servoday Wood Chippers

Servoday Wood Chippers provide a cost-effective and efficient way to produce wood chips for wood pellet production. With adjustable chip sizes and high-capacity designs, Servoday Wood Chippers help you streamline your production process and achieve maximum efficiency.

Maximize Your Cogeneration System with Wood Chips

Servoday Wood Chippers provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for producing energy from wood chips in cogeneration facilities. With high-capacity designs and advanced automation technology, Servoday Wood Chippers are the ideal solution for cogeneration plants, helping you maximize your system's efficiency.

Raw Materials

Versatile Servoday Wood Chippers

With Servoday Wood Chippers, you can use almost every material that is available to you at low cost making it the most versatile Wood Chipper available on the market.

Timber Logs

Green Bamboo

Sawmill Waste


Fire Wood

Residual Wood like waste wood, Veneer Waste

Waste Pallets

Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB)


Find Your Perfect Servoday Wood Chipper

Explore Our Range of Powerful and Efficient Models

Model SWC-18/50
Model SWC-22/68
Model SWC-24/75
Model SWC-33/105
Model SWC-40/70
Model SWC-40/105
Infeed Opening
180 x 500
220 x 680
240 x 750
330 x 1050
400 x 700
400 x 1050
Rotor Diameter
Number of Blades
Rotor Speed
Chipping Length
Required Motor Power
200 - 250
200 - 315
4 - 6
6 - 10
8 - 14
12 - 20
14 - 22
18 - 28
Approx. Weight

*Depending on input material and chipping length


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Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to provide as much information to you as possible. But if there is something more that you would like to talk about, You can always contact us on +91 7383410723

What types of wood chippers do you manufacture?

We specialize in manufacturing drum chippers. Our drum chippers are designed for high-volume chipping of various wood materials, making them ideal for a wide range of applications and industries.

What is the capacity of your wood chippers?

Our wood chippers are designed to handle various wood materials and are available in different models with varying capacities. Our flagship product is the 8 TPH (tonnes per hour) drum chipper, which provides a good Cost-to-Processing ratio, making it the perfect solution for wood chipping operations. Our range starts from 2 TPH up to 28 TPH.

What types of wood can be chipped with a wood chipper?

Most of Servoday Wood Chippers can handle both soft and hard wood types, including branches, leaves, bark, and small logs. However, it's important to note that the capacity and efficiency of a wood chipper may vary depending on the specific wood type and size.

What kind of safety features do your wood chippers have?

Our wood chippers are designed with advanced safety features, including motor overload protection, automatic feeding, and emergency stop buttons. We also provide detailed safety instructions and guidance to ensure safe operation of our machines.

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